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Chinese student develops food printer that prints food fragrance on postcard

by bharat

I am a big time foodie; food and travel for me are the most important two things I live for thus, something that lets me capture pictures and aromas of the tastiest food I have every time I travel and then lets me print them on a postcard is a gift of a lifetime. If you’re also like me then thank Zhu Jingxuan from Fashion & Art Design Institute at the Donghua University who has developed what she calls a food printer. The food printer comprises a camera, a smell extractor and a printer to capture a picture, extract the aroma and print the same on a postcard with aroma ink. The food printer as Zhu says is best for people away from home, who can print the fragrance of the food they have and send it back home for the people to experience both virtually and aromatically.

The food printer on display in Beijing was developed as part of Sony’s Student Design Workshop won the “most-fun” award of the sixth Sony Student Design Workshop. There is no word on if the food printer will see the light of day, but it indeed is the best device I can have.

[ChinaDaily and Designtaxi]

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    Dope! I would like to reicieve postcards from Cooking TV Shows


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