Chinavasion’s rear-view mirror kit pre-installed with games could cause havoc on roads!

by Gavril Mankoo

Every automobile manufacturer tries its utmost to decrease driver distractions in order to better help people stay on the road without crashing into oncoming traffic or meeting similar fates. So when online retailer Chinavasion comes up with a tech-packed rear-view mirror that’s bound to cause enough distractions to have drivers looking continually at the it, ignoring the road ahead, we’re left wondering as to just why would anyone plan to design a gadget as such! The mirror kit uses a 4.3-inch touchscreen, GPS, Bluetooth, an SD card slot, a wireless rearview camera, an internal camera and comes with pre-installed games. By simply slipping over your existent mirror, this $199.86 piece of aftermarket car-technology is bound to cause more pileups and accidents than ever before and will be the only rear-view mirror in the world that actually facilitates unsafe driving!


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