China’s first capsule hotel with three ‘snoring’ zones

by shilpa

Japan did it and now China follows – the first capsule hotel in China opens at the Shanghai Railway Station, only for men. Before I proceed and to calm feminists preparing for war, a capsule is defined by Wikipedia as type of hotel with a large number of extremely small ‘rooms’ (capsules) intended to provide cheap and basic overnight accommodation for guests not requiring the services offered by more conventional hotels. The new ultra-budget hotel owned by Ta Zan, who worked in a capsule hotel in Japan, has 68 units equipped with electrical outlets, clocks, lights, TV and wireless internet. The hotel has a public lavatory, shower room and smoking room – an ideal den for the loner male.

Ta has a unique service which allows guests to select from one of three snoring zones depending on how loud a sleeper the man is! Did I say an ideal den, I meant Utopia for men! The rate is $4.22 plus per person for an hour.