China’s Spring Airlines tickles sexy maid fetish 35,000 feet above the ground

by Gareth Mankoo

Who wouldn’t like being served by a pretty air hostess? Well, one who’s being served by a prettier maid. Chines flier Spring Airlines is a Shanghai-based budget carrier that has adopted a unique approach to draw more passengers. They have passed a decree that all their on-board staff will dress up as maids and butlers. Now this can be viewed at from two different vantages. One being that the carrier is simply loosening itself to introduce the sexiness of a famous anime-inspired outfit to attract more passengers. The other being a conscious effort by the airlines to ensure that they deliver true service to their customers. Being a Japanese anime-inspired role, a few Chinese folks simply label it as not being in line with the Chinese culture.

One thing the airlines may have to combat first-hand though is keeping their seductively clad hostesses safe from the prying hands of some unruly passengers. Of course, the fetish does infect quite a few men and a little more caution is what can keep this gimmick safe and fun.

[Via – Micgadget]

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