China’s Mood Detector soothes domestic flames

by Gareth Mankoo

It may look inconspicuous with the radio-like disguise it wears but the Mood Detector from China is a lot more. It works in a simple, yet effective way in calming down rising tempers during domestic quarrels. The device listens and on detecting loud volumes, it calmly intervenes with a audio message that goes, ‘please keep your voices down. Thank you!’. How effective could this be? You can set the volume thresholds as well as the play back volume. What’s really interesting is that he concept was developed by Chongquing who faced quite a problem, putting a stop to his own domestic quarrels.

Now it’s time for us to bring our creative solutions to the fore. Have you got any suggestion for a quoted text that the machine could read out during quarrels? Let us know.


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