China’s Dubike by Baidu comes studded with sensors for fitness freaks

by Gareth Mankoo

When it comes to going the extra mile in ensuring good health and a positive approach to life, look no further than exercise. Especially the kind that offers on-the-go readings and diagnosis of your wellbeing. The Institute of Deep Learning (IDL) of China’s online service, Baidu, has joined hands with the Artistic and Industrial Design departments at the Tsinghua University in Beijing to roll out the impressive Dubike. It comes decked with sensors across the body of the bike to measure pedaling frequency, heart rate, velocity, seating pressure and foot pressure. To ensure that riders do not ride astray, a navigation bar on the handlebar of the bike assists them with best possible routes to their destinations. The really cool feature is the ability of the bike to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy making it self-reliant.

dubike-baidu-2The Dubike by Baidu is expected to launch in China by the end of the year. It will surely make its mark as one of the most revolutionary cycles to ride into the consumer domain.



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