China overtakes United States as world’s largest market for smartphones

by Gavril Mankoo

And as the world of technology slowly spreads its wings right around China, the nation has finally stepped right over the United States to now have the world’s largest smartphone market. During the third quarter of 2011, as per Strategy Analytics, China shipped 23.9 million smartphones, leaving the United States behind with 23.3 million shipments. Also taking into consideration China’s quarter-over-quarter growth of 57.5%, the United States saw a growth (sic) of about -7.4%! While HTC and Apple accounted for 24% and 20.6% respectively in the United States, Nokia and Samsung made up 28.5% and 17.6% respectively of the Chinese market with local manufacturer ZTE growing too! And with this, we’re pretty sure a bunch of smartphone manufacturers will stumble over one and other to reach the ever-growing Chinese market.


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