Chill out your hot-headed dad with Thanko’s USB Necktie Cooler 3

by Shayne Rana

You know how annoying it can be sometimes trying to buy a gift for your always hot-under-the-collar hard working dad or boss who loves their gadgets? Well the perfect gift just made it out of Japan’s Thanko. These guys specialise in stuff that’s off beat and tools that can always come in handy for some odd task or another. The USB Necktie Cooler 3 is great for a hot headed father; it’ll keep in cool and ‘chilled out’ for most of the day so he won’t be too crabby when he gets home. This gizmo is designed for the tie wearing business types. The otherwise normal looking tie (perhaps not the best design in the fashion sense) actually hides a little USB operated fan under the knot area. It can be hooked up to a PC (cable included) and will keep your neck area cool while working. To counter the somewhat cumbersome task of connecting to your PC all the time and make it portable, a battery pack is also available, but sold separately.

This little necktie extraordinaire that weighs 120g will set you back a mere $31 (2,980 YEN) and is the perfect gift to keep your dads temperature always set to cool. This could also work great for bosses who can’t take the heat.





[Via – Akihabaranews]

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