Chicara Nagata designs a completely cool and pointless motorcycle-security-camera hybrid

by Gavril Mankoo

Security cameras are meant to be small, discreet or completely hidden from view, in order to capture footage that probably wouldn’t show up on tape in the first place if the concerned subject knew about the presence of the camera. However, it seems like the Japan Security System Co. and designer Chicara Nagata didn’t think this through completely. The company roped in the renowned designer, known for his love for motorbikes, and had him design a concept camera. The result was a hybrid mix between a high-tech camera and a 49cc motorcycle that’s quite unique and completely impractical.

Nagata’s design is a simple skeletal motorcycle that packs a 49cc Honda gas engine along with a bunch of consumer-level Sony surveillance cameras. The motorbike has no headlights and taillights and instead sports HD Sony cameras with night-vision LED lights. And that’s not all. Two more cameras are built into the seat pan, looking out both sides, giving this mean machine a 360 degree view. While we aren’t completely sure about this motorbike-turned-surveillance-camera, we do consider this machine to be quite the head turner, an asset that could actually work against the concept. But then again, JSSC probably weren’t looking for a camera designed to be hooked onto walls, they’ve got enough of those already!