CES: Targus New Pen Touch turns Windows 8 laptops into touchscreen devices

by Gareth Mankoo

Using Windows 8 would never seem more fruitful than when you came across a magical Targus accessory that efficiently changes the way you interact with your device. The Touch Pen for Windows 8 changes the conventional laptop interface into a touch screen device. So, you can enjoy the complete touch experience that Windows 8 provides, without replacing your setup. How? It uses a small receiver that attaches to the side of the laptop screen and communicates with the Touch Pen so that the input is similar to that of a touchscreen. The pen itself has a soft bristle tip that prevents prints, marks or damage to your screen. It is compatible with all Windows 8 installed laptops or monitors up to 17 inches in dimension.

“People are excited about Windows 8, but not everyone can afford to buy a premium touch laptop. Users are looking for a solution that lets them experience the touch features of Windows 8 with their current laptop,” said Carolyn Perrier, Vice President of Accessories at Targus. “Targus is the market leader in styluses and has the only product that can convert your Windows 8 laptop into a touchscreen device. With touch mice and touchpads, you have to learn new gestures, but the Touch Pen is almost as easy as using your finger. It’s the most intuitive touch solution and makes your laptop fun to use. ” The accessory will be available in Q2 2013 for $100.


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