CES: Porsche Aha Integration shares car to phone content

by Gareth Mankoo

Hot on the winter trail comes Porsche, zipping into CES and bringing with it the promise of a fine year ahead. The Aha Integration System introduced by the company is a free service that will seamlessly organize and integrate content from the Web between a users smart device and car. It can be fitted to all vehicles that come with the latest Porsche Communication Management System. The user has to simply download the free Aha Radioapp and use it to arrange their favorite media in a ‘radio station-like’ format. Then, using the communication system within the car, the content can be enjoyed with ease and joy.

The Porsche Aha Integration offers On-demand music services, entertainment, news, sports, internet radio, podcasts and audiobooks, over 30,000 constantly updated stations, read aloud access to social network feeds, traffic and weather reports, personalized restaurant recommendations, Google POI search and more. It can be picked as a stand alone option in the US for $210.