CES 2015 Winner of Best Wearable Technology Jins Meme, are the Eye Glasses that keep their Eyes on You

by Shayne Rana

In the world of wearable tech, Jins, a Japanese company that specializes in eye-wear, won the award at CES 2015 in this segment for their Jins Meme glasses. While most of us wear glasses to look at the world, Jins has designed their Meme glasses to look at you…. Kind of.

Designed to work with your smartphone and a corresponding app, while wearing these glasses your smartphone keeps an ‘eye on you’ by interacting with the glasses that are designed to evaluate certain body functions. Jins representative Lilian Wouters gave an example and explained that if one were to feel drowsy while driving, the glasses would alert the app on your phone which in turn would sound out and try to convince you to pull over and rest. Using feedback generated from built-in accelerometers, velocity sensors and sensors in the nosepads, the Jins Meme help determine your posture, step count (like a fitness tracker) and track your eye movement.

jins-meme-wearable-tech-3All of this in a pretty simple looking pair of eye glasses that have no protruding fixtures or heavy side-bars that contain large batteries, cameras or other tech that could potentially get I your way. There’s always a certain elegance in keeping things simple.




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