CERN Nuclear Physicists sing a song – Video

by iona

It’s not what you’d expect of nuclear physics researchers, but I swear it’s true. CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research – are not only top brains when it comes to particle physics, but they can sing too! The CERN choir may have been an organizational secret, but not any more. Looking their bespectacled, nerdy best, you can watch them busting out their original “The Particle Physics Song” in their office, on YouTube. A celebration of English physicist Peter Higgs, the song is a truly rip-roaring number, not. I must admit, having seen the video replete with nuclear physics-inspired animation, I am a little dubious about where these scientists’ salaries are going, and how they spend their office time. But their singing isn’t at all bad.

At present, the CERN choir does not have any in-office concerts planned.