CellCrypt iPhone call encryption application costs a fortune

by Gavril Mankoo

Technology comes at a price. We all know that. Technology like call encryption comes at a price that could very well blow out an average individual’s pocket right off, on a yearly basis! Well, if you’ve landed a job at the MI6 or a likewise high-paying secret service, using this iPhone application might just make sense. If you simply happen to be an Apple geek, drooling to get his hands on just about every app that shows up for the iPhone, we suggest you stay clear away from the CellCrypt Mobile application, a call encryption software that costs about $1,600 a year! Using US NIST FIPS 140-2 (certificate #1310) for its cryptography and UK CESG Claims Tested Mark for its product implementation, the app’s free to download but costs a fortune to use, with the receiver and the caller both having to sign up for a lethally expensive subscription!

And if you’re still looking to have a secret conversation with your geek-friend inexpensively, we suggest you think up a language of your own!

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