Celebrity Cruise to offer complete Xbox experience across their fleet

by Sayan Chakravarty

Never again will adolescents find holiday cruise boring, luxury liner Celebrity Cruises has struck a partnership with Microsoft to introduce Xbox 360 and Kinect on all their ships by this summer. The lacklustre economy and rising competition has forced cruising companies to improvise and come up with newer ideas to woo holidayers. “As a premium holiday brand, Celebrity Cruises is dedicated to providing guests with what they want during their sailing, whether relaxation, entertainment or staying connected – it’s readily available,” said Greg Purdy, Celebrity Cruises’ SVP of Operations.

By the end of the year Celebrity Cruises plans to roll out full Xbox experience across the fleet. For adults, the company will offer both free play and scheduled themed events including Zumba parties and sports tournaments on Kinect for Xbox 360 consoles throughout the ships. There are other cruising companies like The Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Lines which provide similar arcade entertainment onboard.

[Via – Cruise-International]

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