CD Roll stores your CDs with style

by Gareth Mankoo

If you have all the aesthetically correct soundtracks in your CD rack but the mere sight of the messed up draw is turning you off, then go in for the CD Roll. It adds functionality mixed with good design and a pretty impressive wall mount to have on the bare wall in your living room. Designed by Pascal Bauer, the CD Roll can accommodate up to 120 CDs. Surely, I wouldn’t mind this one of these rotating as I add the trip to the atmosphere as I listen to Pink Floyd. I really wish it had a good play of lights too. The semitransparent compartments of the CD Roll look great as it rotates with the collection of your lifetime.

The CD Roll can be called an archived concept, given that it was designed by Bauer in 1998. The idea still breathes a breath of fresh air to a geek’s home.