Caterpillar graduates from construction equipment to cellphones

by Gareth Mankoo

Caterpillar are known for the gigantic heavy machinery that normally solves many a problem in the construction business. Now take these giants and tell them to make something as feeble, sleek and compact as a cellphone and see what you get. The result of the process is called the Caterpillar B10 that’s, you got that right, rugged as a piece of granite. It is IP69 certified and manages to successfully fend of threats from dust and water. It can be submerged to depths of up to 1 meter for half an hour, without drowning. It can absorb shocks from impacts too, thanks to a rubber coating on the outside. Other features include a single-core 800MHz processor and 3.2-inch display.

It’s not the best looker or the best performer but when a heavy equipment company takes on a task as such, you do go only for one attribute and that has been satisfactorily fulfilled here.