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Casio’s snazzy gear for underwater cameras

by Dhiram Shah

The Red Hot number to fit the Exilim EX-Z65 and EX-Z75 digital cameras from Casio is capturing all the attention. The new EXILIM snorkel housing EWC-10 is your handy man in case you decide to take some underwater pics. But the maximum depth rating of 3m (10ft) wont let you take it too deep. The good thing is that it keeps the camera protected from the sand at beaches. Operating the camera with the case is pretty simple. The individual control keys can be found on the housing itself.

There is no word on pricing and availability as yet for the EWC-10 housing from Casio.

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    Casio has brought out a waterproof casing for its Exilims EX-Z65 and EX-Z75. However, it will only go down to 10 feet, so it’s more suited for the snorkellers among you rather than scuba divers. The cute flame-colored housing…

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