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Casio Magic Watch – has many tricks

by Dhiram Shah

You may have considered yourself as an amateur magician, now you can ‘trick’ people into believing that you have taught your watch some tricks too! Created under the guidance of Tomohiro Maeda, one of the premier close-up magicians in the world, the Casio Magic Watch has many tricks up its sleeve. Tomohiro Maeda has designed all the five tricks that have been featured in this watch. The look of the watch however is kind of retro. Enjoy the pranks with your friends, as the list includes guessing the number someone is thinking of, guessing a four-digit number selected by another person, Six Sense, Con game and Slot Machine. Each watch is accompanied with its own exclusive set of Tomohiro Maeda playing cards from Tally-Ho.

The Casio Magic Watch retails for $83.30

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