Casio rolls out world’s smallest solar watch

by Gareth Mankoo

The ladies ought to celebrate because they’ve got something some geeky men have been vying for. Behold the SHW-1700 series of watches that arrive as the world’s smallest solar charged wristwatches. The series include the SHW-1700SG-4A in pink and the SHW-1700D-7A in blue and pink and offers cool features including world time, waterproof design, an ornate sapphire crystal and radio-controlled. Some may wonder how practical it would be to use a solar powered watch, especially during cloudy months. It so happens that the Casio SWH-1700 series of watches function for five months without exposure to sunlight, after a full charge. The watch also offers multi-band 6 radio control for those who do not really find the solar-power thingy too enticing.The SHW-1700SG-4A will cost you 45,000 Yen (~$375) and the SHW-1700D-7A will set you back (~$358). The watch is really small at 25.4 diameter and 7.4mm in thickness. Surely, something this small would look ridiculous on a man’s hand. Congratulations to the ladies and here’s looking forward to Casio’s next masculine surprise.

[Source – Kaden]

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