Casio Launches G-SHOCK GM-2100 with Octagonal Metal Bezel

by dhiram

Casio announced today the latest addition to its G-SHOCK line of shock-resistant watches. The new GM-2100 featuring a stainless-steel octagonal bezel is based on the bestselling GA-2100 – popular for its octagonal shape and streamlined design.The new Casio GM-2100 retains the streamlined form and slim profile of the GA-2100, but adds a new forged metal bezel to give the watch a sharper look.

A round hairline finish is applied to the top surface of the bezel and a mirror polish to the sides, giving it a beautiful metallic gleam. Options with blue-gray IP (GM-2100N) and dark gray IP (GM-2100B) bezels are available, to suit any smart style. The dials are treated with a vapor deposition finish in new navy blue, green, and red hues to achieve appealing metallic color schemes. The watch band employs a square dot texture with incremental variations in dot size, resulting in a sharp look to match the face desig

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