Casio Announces G-SHOCK & BABY-G Collaboration Models with WILDLIFE PROMISING

by Dhiram Shah

Casio announced today the release of new G-SHOCK and BABY-G shock-resistant watches. The new models have been produced in collaboration with WILDLIFE PROMISING, a certified non-profit organization tackling issues related to wildlife conservation and coexistence among wildlife and people in Africa. The collaboration models, the GG-1000WLP, GR-B100WLP and BA-255WLP, are designed with motifs representing three wild species found in Africa: the leopard, the African fish eagle, and the lilac-breasted roller. The case back is engraved with the “Love the Sea and the Earth” symbol mark. Each watch comes in a specially designed package decorated with illustrations of its animal and livery featuring its colors.

Inspired by the leopard, which rules over much of the land in Africa, GG-1000WLP (G-SHOCK) watch design features a black case and leopard print band. It is based on the GG-1000 MUDMASTER, which boasts enhanced resistance to dust and dirt thanks to its cylindrical button guard structure and comes outfitted with twin sensors for compass bearing and temperature.

The design of GR-B100WLP (G-SHOCK) adopts a white-and-black case, a yellow second hand and a brown band to symbolize the African fish eagle, the king of the skies. It is based on the GR-B100 GRAVITYMASTER, an aviation concept watch equipped with the accuracy and functionality required for flight. It pairs with Bluetooth-capable smartphones via the G-SHOCK Connected app to provide the wearer with Point Memory. This feature can generate a flight log for managing and saving records of times and distances traveled on flights.

This motif comes from the gorgeously colorful lilac-breasted roller, a bird with a plumage of 14 different colors. The design has a white base and is accented by all 14 colors distributed across the index marks, hands, strap keeper, buttons and logo. BABY-G -BA-255WLP watches comes with Neon Illuminator, which makes specially coated dial features glow using an internal black light. When lit, the hands glow pink and green to give the watch an even more colorful appearance. Casio will gradually roll out the three watches: the GG-1000WLP, GR-B100WLP and BA-255WLP.