Caravan Pods for those who hate hotel room service when in the wild

by mohsin

Don’t you miss those good old days when dad would take the family outdoors to live by nothing but the wilderness, ok not so far from the road but still out from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. Today’s fast paced life has made us over dependent on not sacrificing our usual lifestyle, everyone likes to be pampered by courteous hotel staff at some place hundreds of miles away from home. Where is the sense of adventure in that? The days of the caravan wanderers or the weekend wandering buffs have gone, but if you find yourself missing such experiences then the new breed of lightweight collapsible caravans could be the answer to your weekend blues. These Caravan Pods are collapsible and can fit into standard car parking spaces. They are designed to be cool city-getaway for young professionals, while being light enough to be towed by small cars. The Pods are divided into two compartments, The Comfort Pod which provides seating and sleeping space for two adults, with a 12 volt power supply and audio system and the Service Pod offers a water system, power supply and storage space for personal items.

The exterior of the Caravan Pods are colored body panels, interior panels, the walls and floor are contact molded glass-reinforced-plastic. The window is polycarbonate with a polished aluminum frame and neoprene seal and the chassis is cast steel and nickel-plated to protect it from corrosion. The rounded form which is unique but it also has natural strength and aerodynamic benefits came from the idea of splitting a caravan in half to allow it to expand and compact.
Service pod.jpg

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