Can’t pick sides with the tempting Star Wars Icecream

by Neha Tandon Sharma

How come no one has thought about what Ample Hills Creamery just came up with? Star Wars inspired Icecream flavors, called polarising galaxy Icecream that each represent the light side and dark side. Icecream lovers are clearly divided between a choice for light (vanilla) and dark (chocolate) flavours so putting them in a star wars inspired packaging only has to make sense. Plus by doing so they are adding a whole new level of personality and charm that sets them apart from other ice creams. The Light Side’ ice cream opts for a white hue with marshmallow ice cream topped with crunchy clusters and cocoa crispies.

The Dark Side’ ice cream is made with dark chocolate with espresso brownies and white chocolate pearls. Why does the dark side always seem more attractive?

[ Via : Trendhunter ]

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