Canon Powershot D20 fairs well in low lights

by Gareth Mankoo

The distinct flavor of a well established camera brand lies in the fact that it can comfortably numb out competition with every release. Canon nearly proves the point yet again with the Canon Powershot D20 camera. The rugged offering comes with a 12-megapixel sensor that’s backside illuminated, 5x optical lens that offers 28mm to 140mm zoom range, 1080p HD video recording, a 3-inch screen and GPS for geo-tagging. It’s also more conducive for use with gloves, in colder nations, thanks to the proprietary Active Display Technology.

The Canon Powershot D20 can make plunges as deep as 10m seem easy and 1.5m drops painless. Confirmed reports on release and price are yet to be known.01 b Canon Powershot D20.jpg
01 c Canon Powershot D20.jpg
01 d Canon Powershot D20.jpg

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