Canine squad gets hi-tech jackets with built-in speakers and wireless cams

by Shayne Rana

A Canadian company that specializes in body armor for various purposes has designed gone into the dog business now. Well not exactly. What I mean is that they’ve started to design armor for our canine friends out in the field as well and it’s about time to. The company has designed a new set of armor for the four legged squad called the K9 Storm Intruder. First off the armor is designed to protect our ‘best friends’ in the field with a flak jacket that covers the animal’s vital organs. This ensures their safety.

The same jacket is also equipped with a wireless camera that will enable the animal’s handler to see what and where the dogs are. This also makes it easier for the handlers to monitor and command the dogs with the help of a speaker system also built-into the jacket. These protective vests are quite high priced at $20,000 but as an animal lover I think it’s worth it to keep our four legged friends as safe as possible considering they’re laying their lives on the line for us. The K9 Storm is set for launch in 2010.

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