Canadian company develops invisibility cloak!

by Gavril Mankoo

Soldiers of the future could soon turn invisible, literally! Now we aren’t talking about those stealth cloaks that keep you off the radar or anything as such. What we’ve got here is a cloak that actually turns its wearer invisible, just like the one from Harry Potter! British Columbia-based Hyperstealth Biotechnology came up with this cloak that uses what it refers to as the “Quantum Stealth” technology.

The company hasn’t pulled out a fully-functional version of the cloak. Up till now, all we’ve got a peek at is a concept of the cloak. This could pretty much be a well-crafted hoax too. Pessimistic thoughts aside, a concept like this could keep soldiers away from enemy eyes. However, a cloak as such doesn’t really keep its wearers free from bullets. Hitting someone wearing one of these with a stick will, not surprisingly, cause harm.