Can you blow up a plane with a personal gadget?

by Gareth Mankoo

Not many of us have the good fortune of blowing up things and some of us are so unlucky, that we cannot manage it even when we are inside the thing. Attempted suicide, the cops call it. In 1993 there was a suggestion from the International Association of Transport Aircraft that personal electronic devices be disallowed by airlines since the EMI emitted from these devices can cause havoc. In 2006 it was stated that there was insufficient information to support a change of policies. There was a study done to check the effect of Wi-fi interference with the inner functioning of planes and their parts. The whole thing led to debates among phone users and other gizmo freaks who cannot part with their beloved devices even for a while.

However, this goes on as an ongoing battle of views so we can stay safe and switch to the phone mode that most phones provide. Or simply just shut the damn thing and keep a voice message for those who are desperate for your voice.