Can you use a Smartwatch for Business

by dhiram

Smartwatch sales are expected to triple by 2020, according to an International Data Corp report released in September 2016. A growing awareness of the potential applications of these wearable devices seems to fuel the escalating sales, especially as the devices become more affordable. You can use a smartwatch to keep time, keep fit, and organize your professional life.

Use Business Apps
Most of the business apps you love are also compatible with modern smartwatches. You might wonder why you’d need another device to access apps, but smartwatches suit the busy lives of entrepreneurs better. For example, you can speak into your watch to dictate notes to Evernote after a meeting or glance at your to-do list on Things while you’re on the move.
The apps also integrate with one another, so any changes you make via your smartwatch will stay visible when you log into the smartphone app. This is ideal for businesspeople who use collaborative apps like Trello for team projects.

Easily Check Notifications
How many times during your workday do you hear an alert and pull out your smartphone, only to discover a notification for a casual acquaintance’s birthday or a social media game? As a busy professional, this action steals focus and time. Smartwatches also show notifications, but since you wear these devices, it’s a lot easier and quicker to check them. As they vibrate on your wrist, it’s also unlikely you’ll ever miss an alert. Responsiveness is everything in the business world, and smartwatches help.
Many smartwatches also have special notification modes so you can make sure you’re only made aware of the important stuff, like calls or emails from business contacts, for example.

Smartwatches Work Well in Meetings
When you step into a meeting, it’s customary to power off your smartphone or at least switch it to silent mode. Reaching for your smartphone to check emails or alerts gives the impression that you’re disinterested in the meeting and your colleagues or business contacts. Checking a smartwatch is much more acceptable. It takes just a moment to get the information you need and return your focus to the meeting. As far as anyone knows, you are just checking the time, as any responsible, busy businessperson might do. When discretion matters, smartwatches are the ideal accessory.

Make Payments Without the Hassle
The advent of digital wallets was heralded as a revolution, with consumers told that they’d never have to reach for a physical wallet again. However, fishing a smartphone with a digital wallet app out of a pocket or bag is just as time-consuming as using an old-fashioned wallet. Smartwatches realize the full potential of this financial technology.
Store your business credit card details in your modern smartwatch and pay for professional expenses by tapping the device onto a payment terminal. Your watch doesn’t even need to leave your wrist. You can also download apps for calculating gratuities. Just make sure your smartwatch is connected to a reliable network, like T-Mobile, so your device can access your details whenever you need to make a purchase.

Smartwatches Look Professional
In the business world, appearances count for something. A stylish smartwatch can be the ideal way to accessorize your business attire. Many modern smartwatches are finished in rose gold or silver, rather than plastic, which makes them look sophisticated. You’ll also find smartwatches with a variety of faces. Choose a minimalist look for work hours and a more playful design for your leisure time.

It’ll Help You Stay Healthy
Health and wellbeing is intrinsically linked to business performance. When you’re not well, your productivity suffers. Smartwatches can help you stay on track by monitoring your steps, heart rate, and activity. Setting a step goal and reminders to get moving can help you find the right balance between personal fitness and your professional responsibilities. Think of your smartwatch like a fitness band with a host of other features that give you more bang for your buck.

As people learn more about what smartwatches can do, we can expect to see them become essential accessories for businesspeople in the know.

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