CamBall is Ultimate in Mini Surveillance

by iona

I am never impressed by products that think claiming to be “the world’s” anything will help them shift stock. Similarly, I am relatively unimpressed by the world’s (apparently) smallest camcorder. Who cares? CamBall is roughly the size of a ping-pong ball, can shoot 320 x 240 video at 25 frames per second, has a built-in mic, MP3 player and motion detection. CamBall will make spying on your girl or boyfriend a lot easier, even if they are underwater, because it is also waterproof. If you aren’t wow-ed by it’s minuscule form, CamBall also offers a plethora of accessories, including a 007-style surveillance pack, sports pack that can be attached to speeding motorbikes for highway pursuits and a vehicle pack for cars, parked or otherwise.

The CamBall camcorder will cost you a sweet $199. Each accessory will set you back $39.99.