Call of Duty World at War Trailer

by Dhiram Shah

California based developer Treyarch has revealed further details on the upcoming WWII shooter Call of Duty World at War. For the first time it will support four-player co-op over Xbox Live however Activision has kept mum if the feature will make its way to other platforms.
Activision announced that the latest Call of Duty would feature a new military theater last May, and has remained true to its word by taking the series to the Pacific, with players fighting the Japanese. Parts of the game will also take place in Berlin as the Russians advance in on the Germans.
Though Treyarch is developing Call of Duty: World at War, the game is still utilizing Infinity Ward’s engine from last year’s award-winning Call of Duty 4. The World at War team, has also had an additional year of development time when compared to its first COD effort, Call of Duty 3.

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