Australians can now buy cars with Bitcoins

by Gavril Mankoo

For the uninitiated, Bitcoin in a digital currency that has been around since quite a while now, and has quickly turned popular after its introduction by the developer Satoshi Nakamoto. While this digital currency has had quite a few run-ins with the FBI on previous account, many buyers use this to buy legitimate goods off the internet, like cars for example! Australian residents can now buy dune-friendly cars online using Bitcoins instead of cash. While the car buyable isn’t anything like the four-wheeler you drive to work in, you could instead spend a jolly few hours off-roading with the vehicle! The car is developed by Tomcar, Australia’s first new mass production car manufacturer in the last 30 years.

Inspired by dune buggies from the 70s, this Tomcar ride can be used for a host of different applications including ranching, farming, defense, and tourism industries. Quoting Tomcar CEO David Brim, “To be a truly innovative auto manufacturer, it needs to be about more than what you make. It needs to transfer through the entire company system, your supply chain, distribution, and now even payment systems such as Bitcoin.” Using Bitcoins and online sales, the company has managed to save on dealership costs and overseas transaction costs too!


[Via – Venturebeat]

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