Buttcam to show your butt size without getting a neck sprain

by shilpa

Women and butts go a long way back. Also on the bandwagon are boyfriends whining about not saying the right answers that their girl friends like to hear about their butts. Australian company Jeans West thought to play a fair game for either party by introducing the Buttcam in their stores. What you do is, (if you is a girl), you go in to shop and then put on your jeans and instead of straining your neck in all sorts of unhealthy angles to get a look at how perfect the butt
looks (for you at least), you can just stare at a screen.

This was the company’s way of saying – ‘why don’t you allow us to collect a feedback of all the butts we get a month and YouTube it so that we can get our profits to soar by online promotions’? Or else, this is just a way for them to say – ‘look, don’t worry about your ass, we have it covered’! Either way this is the boyfriends’ dream come true (especially for those working in the store and programming this system) and for girls as they don’t have to worry about their guys telling them lies – hitting a screen is better than hitting a man and killing him by mistake and be imprisoned for life.
Via – [Gizmodiva]