Burberry and Google Maps help lovers send kisses to distant lands

by Gareth Mankoo

Google and Burberry have taken a new step to bring distant lovers closer, intimacy-wise. The idea of the newly conceived ‘Burberry Kisses’ is a highly visual and attractive proposition that can attract young lovers and strike a chord among seasoned players as well. Basically, it involves sending a digital imprint of your lip through Google Maps. Its working is quite simple. All a user has to do is head to kisses.burberry.com, press his or her lips to a touchscreen or by having the shape of your lips captured by a Web camera. Once you are through with the awkward capture process, you can send it across to any town or neighborhood to your friend, via a digital postcard, on which you can type out a less freaky message. It’s the most beautiful part of the ‘transaction’, this sending affair that we speak of. You can see your card take flight and head to the person’s location on Google Maps. Pretty dramatic if you ask me.

Burberry help promote their lipstick shades by helping you color the impression of the lips you have so tastefully imprinted.

[Via – Mashable]

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