Bullet proof bras for german policewomen

by yogesh

A Bulletproof bra? Sounds like something from a horrible and cheesy Pamela Anderson action flick. But it is not. This time it is serious and with a purpose. They have been under secret scrutiny and tests for 2 months and have finally gotten the green signal. In case you are wondering who they are designed for (you and me obviously don’t need it), they are for 3,000 German police women who are in frontline duty. These armour bras are a legitimate safety precaution. A female officer who is protected by only a bullet proof vest can suffer injuries sustained from metallic or plastic parts of ordinary underwear. This problem is gone with the super bras, because they are made of made of cotton, polyester, spandex and polyamide. The bras come in four different sizes with ‘Polizei’ printed on it. This almost sounds like what a stripper might wear. I wonder if the bullet proof bras come in the push up variety as well?
Via – Gizmodiva