Bugati Veyron

by Dhiram Shah

Let’s make some noise for a car that is the height of high-performance. High performance followed by high price too, to be more precise. Put your hands together for Bugatti Veyron. Now what’s the deal with this car? If you ask me then what isn’t? If the world’s most amazing production car is supposed to have the most horsepower, the car with the fastest top speed and acceleration or the most expensive car then the Bugatti Veyron has it all. The car, while sporting its heart-breaking price tag, also packs an astonishing 1001 horsepower under the hood, gets from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds, and has an absolutely astonishing top speed of 253 mph.

Now who wouldn’t happily spend $1.2 million for this utterly, stunningly, jaw droppingly brilliant car? If I had that much moolah I would spend everything and live in that car for the rest of my life… a bit melodramatic but it deserves the hyperbole.


  1. onai

    well the concept of this really incredible pefoemance car is a really great idea, I mean who would not want to own such a such a looker of a car which comes with all that power and speed. But on the other hand the car is not really practical in terms of mass producing it for the public. I’m not saying I like the car, it would be very siutable for the racetrack but who could afford it?

  2. Vladimir

    This is good car…but i dont heave the money for she car. 🙂

  3. Siddi Sidarama Moersjid

    fantastis, is it possible to order for indonesia (right hand drive)

  4. Nikolai Tubbs


  5. john

    crap……………wudnt stand a chance against the corsa

  6. Johnathan kisten

    The bugati is better than the ferrari enzo,the bugati is my dream car

  7. chris

    against the Corsa? Assuming you mean the Maserati MC12, it would eat it for lunch. The Mas has a top speed of 205 and a paultry 630 bhp. The Bugati is in fact over 1001 hp (they use that figure for marketing purposes) and hits 225 without using its special top speed mode goodies. That said, I’ll take the Corsa please 😉 It’s way sexier and made for racing – not boasting top speed.

  8. preeta

    the bugati….a dream come true…personally i think its the MOST GORGEOUS car on the road!the day i own one will be the happiest day for me.excitement fills me when i look at the tyres…

  9. fufa

    its astonishing, I would spend a fortune to get that machine!!!!!

  10. dion chisholm

    the new voltswagon wud wip

  11. craig hughes

    this car is amazing, it was only built for experimental purposes as it costs vw over $5mil to build each 1 and therefore make a huge loss on each vehicle. for this reason a car similar to this will never be built again, and therefore no1 that doesnt currently own one will get one. as topgear put it “the concorde of motoring”

  12. Colin Agaba

    it’s an amazing car that is way ahead of our time. i wonder which dare devil has the adrenalin to take the veyron to it’s top speed

  13. lada

    Amaizing car!!! I love it.. I wish I will drive it one day

  14. Tom

    Its alright wouldnt stand a chance against the pagani zonda ha!

  15. venkat raju

    The bugati is not the world’s fastest production machine ,that credit goes to the Y2K jet bike.Its top speed is 273mph.Leaves all othe bikes or cars in the dust.including the bugati


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