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Buffalo HD-PL200U2/UC shock proof 200GB hard drive

by Dhiram Shah

External hard drives are very convenient but if you travel a lot then there are high chances that you might drop it while catching the train and end up losing precious data. Buffalo Japan is out with the HD-PL200U2/UC external hard drive which holds a whopping 200 GB of data and is made from shock absorbent material. Thus saving you from heart problems in case you drop one. It is compatible with Mac and Windows systems and connects to the host via USB 2.0.

The Buffalo HD-PL200U2/UC hard drive measures 127×21×83mm and weighs 225 grams. It goes in sale in Japan this March for 33,285 Yen ($ 280)

1 Comment

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    You can’t be too rich, too thin or have too much disk space, so who wouldn’t like this Buffalo HD-PL200U2/UC 200GB external USB drive that’s also especially hardened for those who are rough on their kit? There’s not that much…

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