Bublcam, the spherical video camera with seamless panoramic capabilities

by Gavril Mankoo

While camera and smartphone manufacturers continue to brag about panoramic-shot capabilities, one innovative startup, as most startups usually are, has come up with an astounding piece of technology that could soon show up on store-shelves, if all goes as planned and foreseen. Called the Bublcam, this device by Canadian startup Bubl is literally a 360 degree camera that enables users to capture spherical panorama videos! While that may not seem too out of ordinary for some, the Bublcam is also capable of sharing these videos using WiFi, for live streaming. This sure as hell makes the Bublcam a perfect accessory for adventure sports enthusiasts and those who love giving the world a 360 degree peek at their lives.

The Bublcam has zero blind spots, owing to its tetrahedral design. Using four 190º lenses that overlap to create seamless images, the camera captures 14 mega pixel spherical photos, and 1080p videos at 15 fps and 720p at 30fps! The first version of this camera will come with an $800 price tag. For those who think this is a little too steep for a camera that gives an owl’s eye view, the makers plan to pull down prices to a somewhat more affordable $700 shortly.


[Via – Techcrunch]

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