Bubble head Web Camera is Totally Funky

by Dhiram Shah

Here is a concept that has changed into a great design. The folks at Nanjing OIOI Design Inc, were asked to create a functional and unique web cam that would appeal to students and youth. It should incorporate realizable technology that should be easy to develop. With these criteria kept in mind, the Bubble head Web Cam was born. Its flexible body incorporates a LED clock that shows the time even when the camera is not in use. The copper skeleton is massed with durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane. “Feel interesting when in use and not in use”, that is the motto of this cam. Mischievous tot climbing the ladder, somber pageboy holding a message or the sneak who peeks at you from above the monitor; place it just as you please!

The packaging of the Bubble head Web Camera is as interesting as the color options that it comes in. The Superman style is especially cute. We sincerely hope that the concept makes it to mass production.

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