Broken armrest costs a mighty bump for a woman, sues theatre

by Gareth Mankoo

Now how hard can it be to attempt to answer that all-important call (which can be quite debatable in this situation), during a movie? Firstly, you have to be really ethically sound, so as not to disturb the other movie-watchers while answering your call. Secondly, you have to make sure that you’re careful enough when you’re ducking low below the seat to talk in all secrecy. Things went wrong for this woman, who, when bent down, had the armrest of her seat come crashing down on her head thus knocking her out.

She happens to have taken this really to new heights by suing the theater. The bump was bad enough for her to be taken out of it in an ambulance. Imagine the mess that it made for the rest of the people who came for a nice movie watching experience.

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