British Airways testing NFC enabled E-Ink Display equipped baggage tags

by Shayne Rana

Smart luggage seems to be all the rage these days, all in the hope of preventing the loss or misplacing of your bags. If you recall, just a little while back, Airbus was talking about their smart luggage options that were available for rent or purchase. These are fitted with RFID tags and can be used along with smartphone apps to always know where your bags are. British Airways is now following suit along harnessing the talents of Designworks, a company who’s known for ‘interesting’ design concepts. In an attempt to do away with the old paper, stickers applied to your bags, the new luggage solution would involve the use of NFC reusable tags. The tags would be equipped with an E-ink display and naturally, protected by a plastic housing to keep it safe from the elements. These tags could be attached to your bags on a permanent basis and stored with flights details you could transfer yourself via your Smartphone’s NFC module.

The tag itself consists of two separate displays, the smaller of which stores your flight details and the larger featuring a bar code for scanning at the airport. The bar code has been created in conjunction with existing airport scanners. For now, as a test run, British Airways is using the tags for their own cabin crew. The commercial tags should be out sometime in 2014 and they will of course, be compatible with all NFC enabled smartphones.



[Via – Geek]

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