Brisbane Airport installs digital screens that publicly display farewell messages via SMS

by Gareth Mankoo

Leaving Brisbane may really mean a lot for some folk and hey, they’d like to say something about it. (May be not as much as they would, while parting from Vegas, but still). So, the Brisbane Airport has installed new digital screens that publicly share SMS farewell messages from the kind folk who leave the city. There are two large digital screens that will display the messages SMS’d. Both will be LED screens that will offer a character limit for posting, mostly to avoid folks going overboard with their sentiments. Brisbane is the first Australian city to introduce the same. The personal messages will be displayed between 7.30am and 11am each day. Another exciting application of these smart screens is that they use bilingual advertisements, scheduled with regional flights, so that the right people see the right ads.

The screens go on to display local and international weather forecasts. One thing that passengers may have to be vary about is the cost of sending these messages across. The messages sent would have to be in English and not all messages may be displayed.

[Via – Heraldsun]