Brinell Purestorage: As classy as external hard drives can get

by Gareth Mankoo

German manufacturers Brinell have brought forth their absolutely elegant external hard drives. After being driven away from the ugliness of those extremely wired up hard drives that had some over performing specs to go with them, we finally have something that’s worth a look. The Purestorage line of hard drives has some really catchy designs that deck up the housing, as opposed to the usually ribbed or heavily branded outsides, the case housing of these devices are made of high quality materials such as stainless steel, exotic wood, nappa leather or carbon. The drives are available with up to 500 GB capacity.

With a frame and a bezel making up the outer covering of the Purestorage drives, both made with good quality products, you can well expect a better looking accessory decking your laptop case. The devices are available at a price range from 189 Euros ($284) to 229 Euros ($344). You get a one year guarantee as well.