BrickHouse Security introduces USB Fingerprint Lock with Access Control

by monali

BrickHouse Security has introduced a unique USB Fingerprint Lock with Access Control. Unlike biometric locks, which are designed for multiple users, this lock uses a USB key to access records, preferences and lock information. This is a very simple ad cost effective solution for small business owners who want high-level security without costly installation or set-up. The users have to insert a flash drive in the bottom of the lock, and it instantly downloads all information including audit trials. The employer can thus track which employee has entered or exited the premises and export the data on an Excel spreadsheet.

The lock also comes with an optional USB Fingerprint Scanner and PC management software to remotely view all the activities of your employees from the comfort of your own computer. The PC management software also lets you give customized access to each individual. The system can be programmed using the built-in keypad and record of ex-employees can be easily removed by deleting the user access. It’s the most easy and cost effective solution to control access.