Brando USB Digital Microscope + Web Cam + USB2.0 Hub

by Dhiram Shah

This time around Brando gets as unique as anyone can get! The USB Digital Microscope + Web Cam + USB2.0 Hub kinda fulfils that desire you always had to become a scientist, but could not fulfill it due to lack of grades. The gadget allows you to view and capture high quality images and videos, and display them on your PC by just connecting via USB port. How cool is that! A great idea is to use it in your science class to explore the finer points of the cockroach and their likes. Since it’s a 2-port USB Hub, at home you can hook it up to communicate with friends and
connect other USB devices respectively.

USB Digital Microscope + Web Cam + USB2.0 Hub from Brando costs $199.
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– Multi-function: Digital Microscope + PC Cam + USB 2.0 HUB
– Resolution: 640*480 VGA
– Built-in 3 optical lens with different magnification power
– Magnification power: 30x, 200x~400x, 400x~600x
– Built-in oblique and backside LED lamp
– Built-in microphone
– Sensor: High quality CMOS
– Interface: USB 2.0
– Objective Lens:
– Normal Lens: 30x
– Low Power Objective Lens: 200x~400x
– High Power Objective Lens: 400x~600x
– Can be used as a PC web camera
– 2 USB 2.0 ports
– Backside LED light On/Off switch
– Oblique LED light On/Off switch
– Size: 12.5×9.7x15cm
– Weight: 348g
Package Contents:
– USB Digital Microscope Camera Device
– Rack
– USB Cable
– Inspection plate
– User Manual