Brain-controlled quadcopter developed by Zhejiang University maneuvers with your thoughts!

by Gavril Mankoo

Controlling objects with our brain alone has always been a superpower view wished to have, besides X-Ray vision and superhuman strength that is. Bringing brain-controlled gadgets to the real world, researchers at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, have come up with this quadcopter that simply works on your thoughts alone. With the user required to wear an EEG (emotiv electroencephalography) headset, simply thinking commands like “right” and “left hard” controls the quadcopter. And that’s not all. Clenching brings this one downwards and blinking enables it to click pictures from the onboard camera! Currently called the Fly Buddy 2, this system uses Bluetooth to connect the EEG to a laptop which in turn connects to the quadcopter via WiFi. A revolutionary technological breakthrough, we simply can’t stop daydreaming of four-door family sedans in the future being controlled by our minds alone!