Bots Double as Librarians in Chicago University’s Mansueto Dome Library

by ruchi

Day in and day out we learn about new humanoids taking up the baton of doing more than just routine chores. Chicago University’s much awaited Mansueto Library was known to take automation of everyday tasks in a library. Named after the billionaire Morningstar founder Joe Mansueto and his wife, this facility has housed a 35-foot-high, 240-foot-long column-free dome next to the university’s main Regenstein Library. But as you walk through this reading dome, you’ll see that there are no bookshelves at all. As much as 3.5 million books are going to be stashed in a cavernous bunker below the dome’s reading. They have stationed five robotic lifts which will retrieve your requested books from 50 foot high shelves.

The library’s automated stacks are hailed to be the largest in North America and are known t be seven times more compact than those regular bookstacks. More so, they also eliminate the need to store books offsite. This does seem one humongous investment and all this for stacking up print books could seem little pointless with the age of flexible E-readers dawning upon us. But a large section still believes in reading from paperback books and this kind of infrastructure will surely appeal to them.
[Singularity Hub]

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