Bose Bluetooth headset gears up to take on the mobile audio market, they should have gone A2DP

by Shayne Rana

Bose still carries quite a punch in the audio segment of consumer technology and they’ve tried to get in all the possible crevasses of the audio business. They’ve now decide it was time to venture into the Bluetooth headset business and have designed their very own complete with proprietary technology, ultra sleek form and all the goodies you’d expect from a Bose product. This is first of its kind from the company. It features noise cancellation (big surprise), enhanced Bose TriPort acoustic headphone structure that’s optimized for speech reproduction and the new Bose Adaptive Audio Adjustment technology which adjusts voice levels automatically after measuring incoming speech and background noise.

The proprietary design also has a function other than to stay securely fastened to your ear, it also enables the microphone to selectively sense the user’s voice, and acoustically reject background sounds that interfere with it so the caller is heard more, and distractions are heard less. The Bose Bluetooth headset is fully compatible with all Bluetooth devices using Bluetooth 2.1. It’s due to hit shelves sometime at the end of November and will be priced at a whopping $150 (before tax)

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