Boot up like an astronaut with Adidas’ space shoes

by Gareth Mankoo

Fashion was always on an astronaut’s platter of things to do. They manage to pull out the all-whites with some class. But besides the bulbous clothing and heavy helmet, few of us have pondered about what kind of shoes they would wear. Adidas knows the answer and does well to make these amazing space-inspired shoes available for the masses, albeit at an astronomical price. The company has introduced two new pairs of shoes for the ultimate moon walk on earth and they do not lack an ounce of detail. The Response Trail Robot and the Ozweego Robot have been refurbished, thanks to the inputs from Belgian designer Raf Simons. You will find the typical anodized eyelets on the Response Trail Robot, which reminisces the shoes of Buzz Aldrin who set out on the Apollo 11 mission.

All good things, especially those as decorated as space fashion accessories are expected to be expensive. The pairs could set you back by anything between $455 to $730.


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