Book holders look best when in 8-bit

by Gareth Mankoo

You’re a nerd. Okay, but that isn’t half as good as being a geek. Now you can cloak your nerdness with the perfect geeky drape, on your shelf. Get the 80bit Book holder from Meninos that add some interesting, pixilated book holders to ensure that your books do not topple over the edge, and looks good at the same time. If you’re a sucker for detail then you would like to know the fact that one of these is a prisoner while the other is a cop. All fits well into the who ‘put-the-books-in-between-the-chase’ theme.

There’s nothing said on the price or the availability of these book holders. What’s for sure is that they are going to give you that dizzying motion blur experience, every time you pass them.